Jono Doiron - Narrative Cartoon Painter


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The next series of eyes of the artist paintings: directions!

"What is


eyes of the artist is a series of small affordable wrapped paintings that offer 2 solutions:

1) I wanted to combat the viewing of art online with offering people affordable original works that can ONLY be seen in person. The first time you see the image is the first time ANYONE has ever seen that image (other than myself, the artist)! You also view it in its original format - the painting itself - not a reproduction of it. 

2) I want to offer people a unique experience. Each painting presents a quandary for the collector: you now possess something no one else has or has ever seen. Will you share the image with the world? Or will you keep the imagery a secret all to yourself? Will you even open the painting and spoil the mystery at all...? YOU get to decide! 

Since artists don't know if their work resonates with people when they share it online unless someone leaves a thoughtful comment or writes them an E-mail, I came up with a way to reward people to document their reaction when they unwrap a painting. If you film yourself opening an eyes of the artist painting and post it online, I offer you an incentive...


Each series is named after something that has a finite number to delegate the edition size. There are 4 main directions (North, East, West, South) - so, 4 new secretive paintings! 

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